Fabrizio Gagliardi

Current positions:

  • ACM Europe President and EUACM chair
  • Distinguished Research Director, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain - In this position responsible for long term international alliance strategy of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (part time position)
  • Visiting professor, Gran Sasso Scientific Institute, L’Aquila, Italy (part time position)
  • Independent computing consultant, Geneva, Switzerland

Other current positions:

Since 2009 founding member and chair of the ACM European Council

Since 2011 member of the board of Informatics Europe

Since 2011 member of the advisory board of VISIONAIR

Since 2013 chair of the External Expert Committee of EUBrazilCC project

Since 2013 member of the Research Data Alliance Organisational Advisory Board

List of previous positions held:

2009-2013: Director, Microsoft Research, External Research (Microsoft Research Connections) for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

2010-2012: Principal initiator and chair of the management board of the industrial FP7 Cloud Computing Project VENUS-C.

2005-2008: Microsoft, Director for Technical Computing for Europe, Middle east, Africa and Latin America; on leave of absence from CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics.

2004-2005: Proponent and then director of the EU funded project EGEE: Enabling Grid for E-sciencE.

2001-2004: Project leader of the EU DataGrid project.

2000-2002: Director of the CERN School of Computing.

1999-2013: Co-founder of the Global Grid Forum.

1998-2000: In charge of the CERN-IT computing support to the CMS experiment.

1996-1999: Head of the data management services at the CERN Computer Centre.

1993-1996: Principal Investigator and Director of the EU project GPMIMD2.

1993-1998: Physics Data Production Deputy Group Leader.

1986-1993: CERN-IT Technology Transfer Manager, in charge of several joint research and development projects between CERN and a number of computing companies.

1985-1986: Head of the common development software group of the Aleph experiment at CERN, led by Nobel Prize laureate Jack Steinberger.

1985-1986: Director of the CERN Expert Systems Special Interest Group.

1983-1984: Visiting scientist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory of the University of Stanford, in California, USA.

1978-1982: Principal designer of several on-line data acquisition systems for physics experiments at CERN.

1975-1977: Scientific Fellow at CERN.


2013: ACM Presidential Award, as Chair of the ACM-Europe Council, for his instrumental role in creating and leading this organization composed by some of the most important computer scientists in Europe.

2008-2009-2010: Best speaker award at the GridKa computing school in Karlsruhe, Germany.

1999: Prize for best track speaker and best overall speaker at the EuroStorage international conference in Berlin. The prize was a conference speaking tour in Japan and in the US.